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Answering your daily "What the heck did I do yesterday?"

Collect updates from all the tools you use every day such as Jira, Trello, Asana, Linear, Github, Zoom and more, that will be summarized on your schedule!
How it works
1. Determine the schedule you want your summary. You pick the days of the week and time of the day you would like to be notified
2. Connect one or more integrations, choosing which projects to listen for events on to start receiving events
3. Get your notifications in Email, Slack, or MS Teams
4. Enjoy the time you have back from trying to remember all the work you have done and visiting every app to collect those events
Explore the Integrations

Collect events from pushes to Github and Pull Request activity


Collect changes to issues such as status and comments


Collect events from a meeting as soon as the meeting concludes


Collect changes to your cards as they move around your boards


Post the your daily summary to a Slack channel of your choice


See your task's events in your daily summaries

Linear (in beta)

Collect changes to tasks such as status and comments

Google Calendar (in beta)

Get a daily summary of meetings attended (in beta)

Track your task's events through the lifecycle

MS Teams (in beta)

Post your daily summary to a MS Teams channel of your choice

Gitlab (coming soon)

Collect events from pushes to Gitlab and Merge Request activity

Todoist (coming soon)

Collect changes to project, tasks, and comments on your Todist account


One schedule for email summaries

Pick days and time for summary

Jira, Github, Zoom and more

Limited history

Get Started in Beta Now!


Summaries can be sent and embedded in Slack or Microsoft Teams

Summaries can be be started inside Slack or Teams

30 day history of summaries and recorded integration data

Allow ChatGPT to write a summary

Coming Fall 2023!
Starting at $9/m


All Personal Premium features plus:

Organize users into an Account and Teams of users

Status Cat teams can have a team summary of all user's status reports

Coming Late 2023!
Starting at $19/m

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Status Cat?

Born out of the need to collect work over multiple different services and apps. Status Cat does just that, with more than ten integrations currently and more coming soon. Plus, getting that data consumable to you is just as easy with the scheduled summaries sent to your email, Slack, or MS Team apps.

Can I use Status Cat now?

Status Cat is in public beta, allowing you to test and use the functionality for your daily work summary.

How much does Status Cat cost?

During the beta, there is a full-access account at no cost. Once pricing plans are in place, there will be a free limited plan, a full-access personal plan, and a business plan.

How is the price determined?

Personal plans will have a fixed monthly rate for one user. The business plan will have a base rate, then charge per user once above ten monthly users.

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